installed in december 2011

15 local artists create 17 framed artworks on the theme of living here, in the neighbourhood of 150 east cordova st, vancouver, bc, canada

grey to green

Intersections Media would like to thank the City of Vancouver and their Great Beginnings Initiative,  the City of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Neighbourhoods Group,  and District 319 for their support of the Grey to Green project.

Intersections was founded by the late Bill Vince, an Oscar nominated Vancouver filmmaker who overcame personal barriers to achieve international renown. In his short but prolific career, Bill brought 37 feature films to the screen including the 2006 Oscar-nominated Capote. He touched thousands of lives with his positive energy, generous nature and commitment to charitable works before succumbing to cancer in 2008 at the age of 44. The continued success of the Intersections programming is inspired by Bill's commitment to helping others help themselves; and his belief in the potential of youth.

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