installed in december 2011

15 local artists create 17 framed artworks on the theme of living here, in the neighbourhood of 150 east cordova st, vancouver, bc, canada

David Ostrem

"Vancouver 1975 Illegible Rescue Note (it's real) and Women's Book Store"    
 18" x 18" each

These two paintings are as one piece and it is called "Vancouver 1975 Illegible
Rescue Note (it's real) and Women's Book Store"  2010. They are acrylic on wood.   
In 1975 I was driving a taxi on the Downtown East Side at 4 AM. I was flagged by a prostitute and a guy who may have been a trick but seemed more likely to be a pimp. The woman seemed quite nervous and when they got out I thought she seemed downright terrified. After I drove away, I noticed that she had left a hastily scribbled note on half a match book. All I can make out to this day is "Please come get me at blah". I felt terrible but there was no way I could figure out where they were and in 1975 calling the cops to save a hooker from a pimp was not an option. That's where the book store comes in, hardy  pioneers out there in the wilds of the 70's.

David Ostrem  2010